Augmented Reality
Want to enhance your user experience by adding touch, graphics, and computer-generated imagery into your products/applications? Let our experts take the lead while you enjoy a seamless and customized service!
Augmented Reality
Our Services
  • AR App for E-commerce to visualize the product.
  • AR-powered digital marketing.
  • AR used to develop real-time 3D Games.
  • AR App for E-learning and education.
  • AR App for design and modeling in interior design to architectural requirements.
What is Augmented Reality ?
In simple terms, to augment means to enhance. Augmented Reality is a technology which is used to enhance the user experience by adding touch, graphics, and computer-generated imagery on a user’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive display that has the capabilities to render a real-world experience to the user. It seamlessly blends the ‘digital’ with the user’s world.
Usage of AR in Different Platforms
AR App for E-commerce
AR App for E-commerce websites can work wonders! AR can help enhance the user’s experience to visualize the product more clearly and beautifully. The shopping experience will become seamless and visually appealing. The quality of products can be showcased in a much better manner with an AR App rather than just using images.
AR-powered Digital Marketing
AR App used in digital marketing services will create a much larger impact on the target audience than a regular content piece will. The audience will engage with the content more efficiently deriving greater and faster results. Any digital platform works best when it is interactive and offer real-world experience to the user. Such is the power of Augmented Reality!
AR App for real-time 3D Games
The gaming world has taken a 360-degree turn with the advancement of AR Technology. With AR App real-time 3D games are developed and its effects are enhanced drastically rendering a superlative experience to the gamer. This has been revolutionary in the 3D Gaming industry.
AR App for E-learning and Education
The AR developments have highly benefited the e-learning platforms and the education industry on the whole. With the help of advanced features, students can learn and understand the core of any subject with real-world views in the digital form. The graphics sound and tactile feedback are added to create an enhanced user experience. Learning not only becomes easy but also fun!
AR App for Design and Modeling in Interior Design to Architecture
A path-breaking invention that helps models and architecture designs come alive. Interior designers, architects, builders, civil engineers and also the end consumers benefit loads from this technology. Who doesn’t want a 360-degree view of a room or a real-life-like room tour? AR App makes this a reality!
Build Your Business with AR
An enhanced, superlative digital experience is always welcomed and appreciated. Today, people love the visual medium and want it to be as real and interactive as possible. Thus Augmented Reality as an invention has become a boon to the technology world! AR’s usage and scope are supremely wide. There are tons of new things coming up from social media filters to QR Codes, where digital meets the real world!
An e-commerce-only retailer could use AR technology to create a three-dimensional shop that virtually replicates the experience of shopping in a traditional store. Giving customers the ability to try an item before buying it improves satisfaction and reduces costly returns and boosts up the business. Approximately 63% of clients are sure that augmented reality will boost their shopping experience.
Industries Using Augmented Reality
  • Gaming Industry
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • E-commerce
Boppo Technologies specialize in developing AR apps and games on AR platforms such as
Our Augmented Reality developers use this toolkit, the ARKit, developed by Apple in order to create AR apps of varying complexity on IOS. Thus you can create a highly optimized app for all the IOS users (all the apple products including iPhones and iPads) effectively by collaborating with us for all your IOS projects. ARKit helps to bring highly dependable augmented reality experiences to the Apple hardware. Our engineers and programmers will continue to stay up to date with the API and evolve along with the technology so as to provide the best services to our clients.
ARToolkit has a lot of functions, also, it is open source and free. It is supported by Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Smart Glasses. Thus can be used in a wide range of applications and gives the end users a charismatic experience.
ARCoreis Google’s platform for creating Augmented Reality experiences more commonly known as AR experiences. With the assistance of ARCore, it allows your mobile phone to sense and feel its environment, understand the surroundings and interact with the information.
Vuforia is one of the most used and popular Augmented Reality Platforms. It is supported by platforms like Android, iOS, UWP and Unity Editor. It supports ground plane and image detection. Our skilled team of experts ensures perfect execution no matter what the scale of your project is! It is widely used for fashion to education apps giving the end users a classic experience on its usage.
ViroCore is SceneKit for Android developers which already has various tools and supports ARCore. It allows you to build AR/VR/3D applications quickly using familiar Android tools. It smoothly add models, animations, effects, and various other to your Android application.
Unity is a potential, fully featured, game development tool created by Unity Technologies. This tool is also provided to people for free and to learn. They have disabled some of the features in the free version but you can freely publish your game.
Unity is not just a mere code framework, it is a progressive editing tool. A Scene View is presented by default on the home screen where you can manipulate everything in your level and create a Game View that you can begin to test anytime.
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