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React Native Application
Our Services
  • jQuery/JavaScript Migration to React
  • React Interactive UI Development
  • Interactive UI development
  • Mobile App development
  • Migrating Native Apps to React Native Platform
  • Using React/React Native with Node
jQuery/JavaScript Migration to React Native
In the market, many of the companies are migrating to React to avail multiple advantages that this framework is offering. We are one of the leading companies in React, apart from React development, we also do migration from jQuery or JavaScript to React. The purpose of migration is to increase the scalability, performance, lightweight coding, and a few others.
React Native Interactive UI Development
Migration into React enhances the User Interface more commonly known as UI, React makes it more user responsive as an app and reduces the loading time eventually give a greater experience to the users.
Migrating Native Apps to React Native Platform
React native is a hybrid technology app that acts exactly like the native apps. It pairs up with two major operating systems, Android and iOS, it gives the same features and performance at nearly half of the cost and it saves the time as well.
Mobile App Development
The usage of react is high because of its cross-platform nature. The application which is developed using android and iOS can be developed using React. The speed and efficiency remain the same and the cost and time decreases almost by half. Leaders like Facebook has already started using it.
React Native Plugin Development
Implementation of the plugin in the web app will definitely reduce the time taken to build an enhanced interface, new slide bars can be added, own setting panels, and many more.
Why Choose Boppo?
Boppo is one of the leading companies to provide React development in India. We strive for your better results with our expert React development services. We not only provide a solution for React development but also custom react web app development services. We have a team of expert engineers and developer to cater to your business requirements.
Benefits of using React Native
Strong Performance for Mobile Environment
The react native is very well paired with the mobile devices. It utilizes Graphic Unit Proccessor (GPU) while native makes the use of Central Proccessing Unit (CPU). React native is superfast compared to hybrid technologies.
Most Popular Language
The react native is written using JavaScript for consistently five years in a row. It is the most commonly used coding language all over the globe.
Reuse the Codes and Pre-Developed Components
The biggest gain in react native is you can reuse the codes. The developers don’t have to create separate mobile apps for each platforms. It saves half of the time and reduces the cost of the app development.
Simple User Interface
The react native offers a simple User Interface that is the reason it is more heard as open-source JavaScript library and not a framework. In a app it is important to get the right sequence, and React Native is the best choice for getting it.
React native is UI Focused
React native is mainly focused on developing mobile UI, it makes more like a JavaScript than a framework this results in high responsive using asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native environment.
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