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Are your clients unhappy with the slow performance of your application? Are you losing your clients and sales? Need not worry, as you have landed the right page! If you are looking for optimized solutions in your web applications, we have something for you! We, at Boppo Technologies, have a team of expert professionals who can help you solve your problems in no time! With our efficient services, you can get your clients back, increase your sales and get more output from your web application. It is of utmost importance that we offer 100% satisfaction to our clients. It is crucial to sustain clients in this highly competitive digital era. Optimize your application and stay ahead of your competition. Boppo will help you up your online game, rank higher and increase your website traffic!
What is Web Application Optimization ?
Web optimization is the approach to improving your customer experience so that you can increase your sales and this results to get your revenue in this competitive world.
In today’s world, every business wants to grow exponentially. Every business wants to showcase its products and services to the world with an appealing web presence. Today, web applications have become the soul of almost every business. Over the years, the number of web applications have tremendously increased. However, with the increasing number of web applications, issues related to it have also ascended. Many businesses try to optimize their application by increasing the web server capacity and redesigning their application. But this is not a permanent solution, optimization is not the process to just increase your web server, it has to go through various cyclic processes which are very complex. For this reason, big companies focus more on the web optimization.
Why is Optimization so Important ?
If you are losing your clients and sales due to the poor performance of your application, then you should necessarily optimize your application. Improving performance should not be seen only as a means of advancing ourselves, but also as an ethically responsible behaviour. Poorly performing websites and applications can pose real consequences and cost a lot to the people who are using them. Slow websites put a negative impact on the revenue. It is because customers and website visitors are very unpredictable. A slow website is a major turn off and a large number of visitors drop within the initial few seconds. Today, people want everything at lightning speed and have no patience for slow loading websites. If visitors or customers see your site buffering and taking a long time to respond, they may directly bounce off. A huge bounce rate affects your website negatively.
Optimization plays a very important role in improving the overall quality of your website. It helps to increase your client base as well as your sales. In this competitive world, every second is very important. It has been witnessed that even large companies lose their sales due to the delay of just a few seconds. Here are some real-time examples of the world’s most successfully running web applications which are losing their sales due to the load time:
Amazon: “1 second of load lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales per year”.
Walmart: "When load times jump from 1 seconds to 4 seconds, conversions decline sharply. For every 1 second of improvement, they experience a 2% conversion increase”.
Google: “A lag time of 400ms results in a decrease of 0.44% traffic. In real terms, this amounts to 440 Million abandoned sessions/month and, a massive loss in advertising revenue for Google.”
Google: “An extra 0.5 seconds in each search Page generation would cause traffic to drop by 20%”
Why do Web Applications Fail to Deliver High Performing Services ?
It's not a secret! High-performance website and web applications drive more traffic, engagement, and increase brand loyalty. In this age where customers are won and lost in a second, continual evaluation, and optimization of web properties is essential.
Here are the Major Reasons for Web Application Failure:
Problem 1: Architecture
Poorly designed architecture can have a massive impact on the performance of the web application. If you are not choosing the right technology and framework for developing your web application that it leads to a big issue.
Problem 2: Poor Database Architecture and Design
Common causes of database performance issues include locking and contention, missing indexes and inefficient queries. An optimized database guarantees high-level of security and performance in production.
Problem 3: Poorly Written Codes
A poorly written code can lead to a host of web application issues including inefficient algorithms, memory leaks, and application deadlock. To overcome this situation our best developers and experts focus more on the coding concept.
Problem 4: Poor Resource optimization
Resources which are involved in developing an application have a huge impact on optimization. This happens due to the use of heavy resources and unoptimized code.
Problem 5: Poor Infrastructure
Componentry used to deliver the service to the user, the user’s interfaces with the application, and the connectivity between these components, all these factors can impact on the application performance.
How We Help You to Optimize Your Web Application:
When we talk about web optimization, we refer to various performance factors. Performance plays a significant role in the success of any online vendor. A high performing application engages and retains the users with greater efficiency than a poorly performing one. We offer a wide range of web application optimization services to our clients and, have built several large and small applications for a wide variety of client base. We analyze every division of application and focus on the application speed.
We completely check the internet life cycle which is a very important part of optimization.
  • DNS lookup
  • Latency
  • Application Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Application boot time
  • App User Interface Design
  • Database lookup
  • Database performance
  • Application code
  • Static resources
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